Young Genius
Bay Area

Speech and Debate Academy
14375 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070

Elementary Program
1st-2nd Grade                      3rd-5th Grade 

Youngest Geniuses Poised Speech and Writing Classes  
1st-2nd Grade 

The objective of this class is to introduce and begin to hone students’ ability in the important leadership skill of public speaking as well as improve writing skills. Students will employ different tools in their speech presentations. The students will enjoy putting down on paper their issues and positions appropriate to their age, and then use the various tools of public speaking like voice quality, tone, volume, articulation, pronunciation, eye contact, and body gestures to make an effective presentation. This class will teach your student: confident presentation skills, audience connectedness,control of speaking anxiety, vocal variety, use of non-verbal communication techniques and use of visual aids. Students will also learn how to use different methods to move through their speech. The main skills we expect to use are memorization, full speech manuscripts, and outline. As our students practice these skills in their speeches, they will overcome nervousness when they speak, demonstrate confidence and feel more, or completely comfortable talking in front of audience of any size.

Aspects Students Will Learn in Class:     
Name games, speaker & audience rules, discussion on what public speaking. 
Control and use their voice power; use all their word sounds; use eye contact and control their bodies; show their thoughts in their voices, faces, and bodies; and look and sound relaxed. 

Sunday, starting April 5 until May 31, 2015
Teacher: Vishakha Joshi
Cost: $425 

Competitive Speech and Congressional Debate
3-5th graders, 2 hour class 

This class will  focus on preparing students for upcoming speech tournaments held around the Bay Area and introduce to them Congressional Debate . The instructor will cover the major formats of speech in the categories of Interpretation, memorizing and presenting a previously published piece of work or Original Oratory, where a student works on composing an original piece and presenting it. The instructor will evaluate each students strengths and pick a format that best suits the student.  

All of the speech formats the students will learn at Young Genius are high school formats thus, the students can comfortably continue competing in speech events once they reach high school.

Congressional Debate is an event offered in High School Forensics.  The goal is to simulate the U.S. Congress, either the House or the Senate and debate bills and resolutions of current interest.  The competitive format is 6 to 9 students in a room giving speeches and asking questions of each other.  While the goal is to simulate the U.S. Congress we like to think that our students are sometimes better behaved and more knowledgeable than their adult role models in the real Congress.

We teach students generally from 4th or 6th grade all the way to High School Seniors.  Congressional Debate classes focus on the skills necessary to be successful in the event.  Research, persuasive speaking, active listening, critical thinking, accurate and extensive note taking and cross examination skills are all integral to the course.  Congressional Debate is the format which is the easiest to master and we offer it as an introductory course for students with no prior experience in debate. Congressional Debate is usually a stepping stone to LD or Public Forum Debate.

The advantage we have at Young Genius is that we tailor our classes to the group of students we are instructing.  There is no "class in a can" we work with each group of students adjusting to their level of ability and instructional needs.  

We are educators first, focusing on ethics, skills and knowledge.  But we do offer students the opportunity to attend tournaments and to put what they have learned to the test.  We have achieved outstanding competitive success even winning High School tournaments with Middle School students.
After taking this course students should improve in their writing and presentation skills, which will be valuable resources for them to draw from in high school, college, and down the road in their careers.